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Cyprian denies allegation of wanting to overthrow the government

Archbishop Dr Cyprian Denies Allegations of Wanting To Over Throw The NRM Government

Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga the Archbishop of Kampala has denied the alllegations against him wanting to overthrow President Museveni and his government.

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The Archbishop was talking to the congregation at old kampala play grounds where many turned for the holy mass.

He said he got the shocking information of him wanting to over throw the NRM government from an anonymous phone call. The phone call told him that the government uses informants set up in churches and those spies had told Museveni of the alleged plot.

The same call warned him of being the next Janan Luwum the former kampala Archbishop  who was murdered during Amin’s regime.

Dr. Cyprian said that president Museveni gathers a lot of misappropriate information from Politicians, businessmen, civil servants and security organizations.

Dr said: “The intelligence groups are spreading false about me, Archbishop Ntagali and other religious leaders. They are character assassinating people by telling lies.”

He asked President Museveni to be kind enough and tell them the Church leaders he has recruited in ISO, ESO or CMI.

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