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Homosexuality: gays want laws cancelled
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Gays In Kenya Want Their Gov’t To Cancel The Law Against Homosexuality

Unlike in some western countries where homosexuality is allowed, in Africa homosexuality is not allowed in their respective countries.

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African Countries put up strict laws against homosexuality to keep their natives away from being gays.

Talking about laws against gays, Kenya’s high court is reportedly considering whether or not to repeal of banning homosexuality.

In Kenya if you are caught as gay you’re taken as a criminal and you are jailed for over 14 years.

However, according to reports, rights groups in Kenya  have expressed concern over the law. The groups claim that the law is violating the country’s constitution and it pave way for  discrimination and abuse of sexual minorities”.

Kenya’s President Kenyatta had his say about the issue.

He said: “This is not an issue of human rights, this is an issue of our own base as a culture, as a people regardless of which community you come from.”

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