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Scaring! Ndawula Who Prophesied Kenya’s Attack Last Year Was Real, He Also Did The Same On Radio’s Death

Ndawula Who Prophesied Kenya’s Attack

Shocking and surprising news that reached our desk revealed a man known as Ndawula who prophesied about the attack that happened yesterday in Kenya. The man identified as Ndawula Jeremiah came out earlier in 2018 and made a prophesy about the death of vocalist, Mowzey Radio. Indeed his words were true and happened. Check also: Zimbabwean Prophets Win Gold Cup ...

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Kenya Bans Movie Over Supporting Homosexuality

kenya bans movie

The fight for homosexuality continues in Kenya that claim that homosexuality is against their culture and norms. Check also: Gays In Kenya Want Their Gov’t To Cancel The Law Against Homosexuality The Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) banned a film to air on the people’s TV. The Film that was banned is Called “Rafiki”. The Board claims that the local made film ...

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Gays In Kenya Want Their Gov’t To Cancel The Law Against Homosexuality

Homosexuality: gays want laws cancelled

Unlike in some western countries where homosexuality is allowed, in Africa homosexuality is not allowed in their respective countries. Check also: Keko Granted Citizenship In Canada After declaring herself Gay African Countries put up strict laws against homosexuality to keep their natives away from being gays. Talking about laws against gays, Kenya’s high court is reportedly considering whether or not to ...

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Kenya’s Government Lifts Ban Against Uganda’s Poultry

poultry from uganda to be allowed in Kenya

The ban by Kenya’s government towards Uganda’s poultry products that has been enrolling for over 15 months is to be lifted. Check also: Sausages Cause Cancer World Health Organization says This ban prevented chicken and eggs to enter Kenya’s market due to the viral disease outbreak in Uganda’s birds. The deputy director of Veterinary Services in Kenya Michael Cheruiyot,has said that ...

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Uhuru Kenyatta Meets Opposition Leader Raila Odinga

Uhuru and odinga meet

Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta together with opposition leader raila odinga had a surprise meeting on Friday (09th /03 /2018). Check also: Kenyatta Wins Kenya’s Repeat Elections The two leaders called a truce and promised to work together to stop the country’s slide into what they termed as anarchy. They portrayed their feeling of wanting to rebuild Kenya on the ground of ...

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