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Am Not Retiring You Shouldn’t Develop Blood Pressure-Museveni

President yoweri kaguta museveni who has been Uganda’s president for the last 30 years says his retirement shouldn’t be make some people develop blood pressure

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This was after one concerned native tweeted on his twitter paper asking advice of how museveni will step down of power without bloodshed.

Museveni on his twitter paper replied bayinzika who was concerned of his retirement

He said that the concerned citizen shouldn’t develop blood pressure over his retirement

The president said: “Biyinzika Is very concerned about my retirement and he proposes 2020. Unfortunately, that is a decision that needs to be taken by NRMOnline myself. I therefore, suggest that Biyinzika should not develop blood pressure over that issue.”

However, Ibrahim‏ quickly tweeted backing saying, “…but its better to start negotiating a peaceful retirement”.

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