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Women Respond To Winnie Byanyima-We Cant Kneel

Women Respond To Winnie Byanyima-We Cant Kneel

Winnie Byanyima asked women to stop kneeling and she never expected a harsh response from her fellow women.Various women are so proud of African culture and willingly to uplift tradition even before  so called feminist movements.

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Most women were angry that Winnie is non minded with African Norms because she spent too much time abroad.

“Culture should be respected worldwide. Am a westerner born in Uganda. My children are Baganda. I grew up teaching them to either half knee kneel or full. My family was concerned that I over kneel to respect people. I wondered how I could change to just stand and serve elders while standing. Am sure many westerners raised in Uganda act like I do. Kneeling has it’s place in Uganda culture for centuries. It’s a culture you can never change like an Act in the Other Political areas. Respect cultures”, one Bridget commented.
“Ladies don’t listen to poor brained women, she’s spent most of her time abroad, she’s well off. Kneeling is for us..,is part of our lives and to be great we should learn to maintain ours instead of coping from the Westerners”, another sent.
Well Banyima, Africans won’t allow anything concerning Westlife

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