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5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy, According To Dr. Sami Kiper

Well, when it comes to teeth problems,[9] it’s not age specific but rather among the problems that attack numerous number of people whether young or old. If any of you has ever been affected by tooth decay, then you know exactly what it means when you have a tooth ache.

Why grieve about the teeth problem yet in actual sense you have a solution to your lugubrious moment of the stained,disorgainsed decayed, missing and  painful teeth.[7] According to Dr. Sami of the Turkish Kiper dental clinic in Kampala Uganda, teeth problems are less to your worries from today and forth worry no more about the pain in your amiable teeth.

teeth problems

Even though there are many ways to keep your teeth healthy, below are the top five ways that can help you keep your teeth in a good, clean and painless condition.

1). Daily brushing:

You should brush your teeth reaching the last molars from inside out  and on the gums smoothly,[2] this  should be done in a circular form inclusive of the tongue and at least three times a day though to some people it is quite hard but at least endavour to  rinse with clean fresh water and floss to keep them clean up to evening

2). Massage your gum:

 This must be done by you as an individual especially after brushing. How to massage is just as easy as eating a desert.[1] This is done smoothly using your right thumb inside and your right first finger out, massage from down upwards continuously after brushing / rinsing and this will help keep your teeth hold firmly on your gum.

3). Avoid sugar coated foods / Beverages:

  Actually, being optimistic you can’t avoid sugar foods because on everyone’s daily menu sugar foods are within, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid them  because the more you enjoy them,[10] is the more you will visit Dr. Sami due to teeth problems since he’s the immediate solution when it comes to dental problems. However these problems can be solved by brushing and cleaning your teeth after eating such foods/ beverages.

teeth problems

 Examples of sugar coated foods/ beverages; Cakes, Sodas, biscuits, Ice cream, sweets, chocolates, Sugar itself etc. Numerous to the list. Therefore, if you want your teeth to remain healthy, use the above remedies.[8]

4). Taking care of tooth brushes:

Dr. Sami, a dental surgeon at Turkish Kiper Dental Clinic recommends all patients to frequently change their tooth brushes every after 3 to 4 months and in children it should be changed sooner.[5] He continuously advises you to rinse your toothbrush well after brushing and to make sure you store them out in an open upright position to keep them dry, reason being micro organisms that grow on your tooth brushes tend to thrive in a moist environment.

5). Dental checkup:

This should be on your monthly schedule if you want to prevent yourself from teeth problems and all other common curbs that normally attack the teeth.[3]

teeth problem

Not all dental clinics do dental checkups and it is beyond reasonable doubt that without a decent dental checkup, it may easily lead to loss of one’s teeth.

That’s why you should pay a visit to Dr. Sami of Turkish kiper dental clinic ( +256-773869919 ) because he’s not only good in dental checkups but also a specialist in this profession for 30 years, providing dental services such as; teeth whitening ,Smile designing, immediate dentures, oral prophytaxis, Root canal treatment, Veneers & crowns, Fractured tooth, Gap closure, Missing tooth, dental implants, orthodontics treatment, composite fillings among others Tooth color filling

All the above are among the few ways to keep your teeth in good health. For more information concerning dental problems, Consult Doctor Sami Kiper, your partner in all dental solutions.[4]

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