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Pregnant woman of 65 years will produce quadruplets

The Germany media reported that a 65 years old woman from Berlin, Germany is pregnant again with quadruplets,[1] she already has 13 children and seven grandchildren.

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She was forced to have another child because her nine years old daughter wanted alittle sister or brother.[5] The German RTL broadcaster said, last year and a half, the pregnancy of Annergret Raunigk, an English and Russian teacher follows numerous attempts abroad at artificial insemination.[2]


On Monday evening, the TV channel will program an interview with the 65 years pregnant mother.

So far Raunigk’s pregnancy has no serious complications and if all goes well, she will give birth in summer and therefore Raunigk will be the world’s oldest mother to give birth to quadruplets.[3]

When the doctor discovered that her pregnancy had four, it came as a shock to Raunigk, she last gave birth to her 13th child ten years ago.[1]

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