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Man Dies Shortly After Winning Drinking Competition

man dies after drinking competition

A 37 year old man identified as Ouma Michael from Matayos Constituency of Busia County in Western province of Kenya dies a few minutes after winning what Kenyans call Changaa (a popular traditional home brewed spirit ) drinking competition. Check also: Woman Dies After Being Burnt By Husband For Returning Home Late Ouma who emerged first out of 5 other opponents ...

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Joint Care: Ayurvedic Way To Maintain Perfect Joint Health

Joint Care Ayurvedic Way To Maintain Perfect Joint Health

You may have already known that your joints are essential for the proper movement of your body. However, those parts of your body are somehow under-appreciated. A life without healthy joint can be tough and may affect the other functions of your body. So, to maintain the good health of those important parts of your body, you may need several ...

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Why Most Young People Fail To Breakthrough In Business

Why Most Young People Fail To Breakthrough In Business

More often, young people men and women approach me for advice on business. In most cases I do not give straight advice but I simply ask questions. In giving answers one will be able to identify possible solutions to the problem. Last week I was talking to this one young man. He said he wants to start a business and ...

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A Place Where People Eat Human Flesh Discovered In Asia

Human Flesh

This is really abnormal,[3] you can imagine how a human being thinks of eating a fellow human being, whats going on in some parts of the world? this act is simply called cannibalism, there is a country in Asia called Thailand were inhabitants of a certain village ( unnamed ) enjoy eating human flesh.[1] Check also: Hong Kong Has No ...

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Business And Marriage: Behind Every Successful Man There’s Prayerful Woman

Behind Every Successful Man There’s Prayerful Woman

It is said that behind every successful man there is a prayerful woman, this is a statement that should never be taken for granted by those who are married. It is difficult to succeed in your hustle if you don’t have blessing from your wife. There are obvious things that a married man should do to ensure that his wife ...

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