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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

Indian High Commission Offers 400 Scholarships

indian high commission

The Indian high commissioner in Uganda Ravi Shankar has pledged 400 visas and scholarships to prospective Ugandan students wishing to study in Indian universities under the exchange programme. Inaugurating the Indian education fair in Kampala, Shankar encouraged students to apply and travel to best universities to student various professions including engineering, medicine, technology, business and international relations. “This education fair ...

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6000 Cars Stuck At Mombasa Port Over Logbooks Shortage

vehicle logbooks

Approximately 6000 second-hand cars are stuck at port Mombasa after the government department that collects taxes issued out an order demanding that no imported vehicles should be left to go before they are registered and provided with a logbooks. Check also: Kenya To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant For Peugeot And Citroen Cars The new directive has been implemented purposely to fight ...

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Ethiopian Airlines Plans To Compensate Victim’s Families

ethiopian airlines plane crash

The doomed Ethiopian Airlines plane which crashed a week back and killed everyone on board plans to compensate families to the victims. Check also: Kenya Loses More People In Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Plane Crash According to Nairobi news, Ethiopian officials said that compensation will be uttered out by international standards. Families to the deceased will receive between $170,000 ( UGShs600 ...

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Uganda’s Jacent Nyamahunge Wins Gold In 200m Race At Olympics World Games

Jacent Nyamahunge

The Ugandan runner, Jacent Nyamahunge won the first gold metal for Ugandan team during the 200m race at Olympics World Games that took place on Saturday in Abu Dhabi 2019. Check also: Stella Chesang Won The 2nd 2018 Golden Medal For Uganda The UCU student, 21, was the first to cross the finishing line in the women’s 200m run that took ...

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Don’t Let Stress Drive You Crazy

stress and anxiety

Are you stressed out? While feeling stressed out once in a while is normal, feeling that way every day and letting it affect your daily activities is not. According to the World Health Organization, 264,000,000 people in the world suffer from anxiety disorders, which is about 15%. It is more common in females, with 7.7% of them dealing with anxiety ...

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