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Israel And Hamas Seek Ceasefire And Hostage Release: Fresh Talks Planned

Israel And Hamas Seek Ceasefire And Hostage Release Fresh Talks Planned

In a statement released on Friday, Israel acknowledged that there are still “gaps” to be bridged with Hamas regarding a ceasefire and the release of hostages. However, they have agreed to send a delegation for further negotiations with Qatari mediators in Doha next week, as confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman. Despite a one-week pause in November that allowed ...

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Financial Constraints Stall Completion Of Mityana-Mubende Road Construction

Mityana-Mubende Road Construction Temporarily Suspended

In a setback for the construction of the Mityana-Mubende road, progress has been temporarily suspended due to financial constraints. The Shs 395 billion project, which kicked off in April 2021, was expected to be completed two months ago but is currently 50 percent complete. Energo Projekt Nishogradnja, a Serbian civil engineering and contracting company, was undertaking the works. In an ...

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Unveiling Dark Side: Unleashing Menace Of Technology-Fueled Gender-Based Violence

Unveiling Dark Side Unleashing Menace Of Technology-Fueled Gender-Based Violence

In an era where the promotion of freedom of speech and expression should be paramount, it is disconcerting to witness the thriving existence of technology-facilitated gender-based violence. A recent report released this week from a study conducted by Rutgers and its partners not only highlights the alarming increase in violence against women and girls but also exposes the unsettling truth ...

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Democratic Donors Express Concerns Over Biden’s Candidacy

Democratic Donors Express Concerns Over Biden's Candidacy

President Joe Biden finds himself under pressure from influential Democratic donors as he navigates a critical phase in his re-election campaign. Several prominent donors are publicly expressing their concerns and threatening to withhold funds unless Biden is replaced as the party’s candidate, prompted by his disastrous debate performance last week. Abigail Disney, Damon Lindelof, Ari Emanuel, and Gideon Stein, among ...

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US-Africa Relations: Navigating Trade, Human Rights And China’s Growing Influence

Navigating Trade, Human Rights And China's Growing Influence

In a recent interview with The African Report, Ms Frazer, a former assistant secretary of state under President George W. Bush, shed light on the US decision to suspend Uganda from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Contrary to expectations, she revealed that the decision was rooted in concerns over anti-gay legislation and human rights issues, rather than trade. ...

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