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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

Top 10 Highest Paid Models in The World – 2016

Gisele Bundchen

For fashion’s elite, follower count has finally turned into fiscal fortitude. Though Gisele Bündchen still leads the world’s top-earning models with $30.5 million, Kendall Jenner (No. 3) and newcomer Gigi Hadid (No. 5) have risen up the ranks by turning their outsized Instagram followings into multi-million dollar paydays. Check also: Uganda’s Top 20 Fashion Designers Gisele remains the woman to catch: The 36-year-old has made more money than any other model ...

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Meet Alexandra Andresen, The World’s Youngest Billionaire

Alexandra Andresen

Alexandra Andresen is the world’s youngest billionaire. Heir to a family fortune built on tobacco, she debuts among the 2016 World’s Billionaires thanks to her stake in investment company Ferd that FORBES values at $1.2 billion. Check also: World’s Top 10 Youngest Billionaires – 2015 Fresh out of high school, Alexandra is one of the most promising horseback riders in Norway, collecting trophies from ...

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Uganda Is A Young Country With An Old Dictatorship, Says Opposition Leader Kizza Besigye

uganda country and-kizza besigye

Ugandan police arrested opposition leader Kizza Besigye, who lost February’s election to President Yoweri Museveni, after his party announced he would be sworn-in in an alternative inauguration ceremony in the country. Check also: As Ugandan Troops Withdraws From AU Mission, Is Kony’s LRA Finished? Voters re-elected Museveni for a fifth term with 60.8 percent of the February 18 vote, ahead of Besigye on ...

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Here’s How Much Software Engineers Make At Snapchat, Uber And Airbnb

software engineering

Software engineers across the nation make $104,000 a year on average, but for those working at the top tech companies in the world, that’s just the start. New data released Tuesday shows that the average coder working for the likes of Apple,Amazon, Uber and others easily make more than $200,000 when salary, equity and bonuses are all added up. Check also: Apple Is Secretly ...

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