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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

8 Differences Between Successful People And Unsuccessful

successful people

Many of you may ask yourselves why successful people are happily counting their money and others are cursing their unpaid bills,[1] in most cases it’s because of the funny characters and habbits some of us have or create.[7] Check also: 17 common things that successful people cant live without doing Here are the 8 differences between successful people and unsucessful! ...

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10 most dangerous countries to Live in.


Below are the most dangerous countries to go to, however this doesnot mean that all regions in these countries are dangerous, there are specific danger zones and risky areas, therefore, if you’re travelling to any of these countries perhaps to spend your holiday or to visit, be wise enough to ask and search for the risk-free areas you should go ...

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Facebook moved in to its fantastic new headquarters

facebook hq2

Finally facebook team moves into their new fantastic 430,000 square foot campus at Menlo Park headquarters in California, dubbed MPK20. The movers came over the weekend, they shifted some Facebook employees’ computers and desks across Highway 84 to their new 430,000-square-foot space. The office complex was designed by Frank Gehry, it contains modern furniture, artwork and stairwells which looks like ...

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147 dead during Islamist attack at Kenya college

Islamist in kenya

Four Islamist gunmen suddenly entered into the Kenyan college this thursday morning in northen Kenya, they started shooting innocent students and taking hostages in the process of early morning prayer services. Check also: Why Europe Has Greater Terror Attacks Than United States The Islamist gunmen killed 147 students! Government officials said, “About 550 students were shifted and 79 were injured in ...

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