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Enkudi Hit Maker Lil Pazzo Unshaken By New Viral Song Hoozambe

Lil Pazzo Unshaken By New Viral Song Hoozambe

Singer Lil Pazzo who has been riding on his Enkudi hit song has revealed that he’s not afraid of the new viral hit song Hoozambe. It should be noted that the Enkudi song has been the most trending song on different media and social media platforms. The singer has even clashed with different people because of this song. As it was ...

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We Need To Protect The Music Industry From Bogus Music – A Pass

A Pass - You Are Going To Make Babies On My New Album

Musician Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass has come out to express his displeasure at the state of the current music industry. The Dididada singer in fact said that the industry needs to be protected from the current bogus music being released. He took to his social media pages to express his disbelief at the current songs that are released. He ...

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Celine Dion’s Triumphant Return: Overcoming Health Battles To Grace The Stage Once Again

Celine Dion's Triumphant Return Overcoming Health Battles To Grace The Stage Once Again

As the sun sets behind the majestic mountains, casting a warm glow over an exclusive neighborhood just 30 minutes from the vibrant Las Vegas strip, an unmistakable voice resonates from behind closed doors. Curiosity piqued, I inquire if it’s the legendary Celine Dion serenading us. Her security guard, stationed outside the opulent hotel suite, nods in confirmation. I’m about to ...

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Uganda Hasn’t Had Good Songwriter Since Radio Passed Away – Uga Boys

Uga Boys - Uganda Hasn't Had A Good Songwriter Since Radio Passed Away

Singing duo Uga Boys have claimed that the country hasn’t had a good songwriter since the late Mowzey Radio passed away in 2018. Appearing on a local radio station, the duo was asked if they hire other songwriters. They said they have done a few songs written by others. However, they didn’t turn out to be great for them thus ...

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Kataleya And Kandle Open Up About What They Went Through With Former Management

Kataleya And Kandle Address Their Indecent Dressing Code

Female singing duo Kataleya and Kandle have finally opened up about what they went through with their former management, Throne Music. They said it was one of the most difficult situations any artiste can go through and they don’t wish any other artistes to ever go through it. Kataleya and Kandle joined the music industry in 2022 and one year ...

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