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PayPal Has Launched A Peer To Peer Payments Service


Paypal has just unveiled what it called a peer to peer payment service which it says will solve all your financial problems whereby if you’re in a situation where someone owes you some money, it wont be a hassle to chase that person around. Check also: Twitter Launches Mobile Payments Before Facebook The company has revealed its new Paypal.Me service ...

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A new born goat kid with six legs

goat kid

Indeed, this could be surprising but it’s true. I wonder if this is among the signs that the holy books prophesy about. That the signs define the proximity of the Judgment day. Look at the above goat kid. Check also: Police closes a hotel in Swansea were deviants have sex with animals This amazing scenery birth of a kid occurred ...

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Minecraft founder Markus feels unhappy after selling off the company

markus persson

Markus Alexej Persson , 36 years is a Swedish video game programmer and a designer, he built a company known as Mojang, the video game company which he founded alongside Jakob Porser and Carl Mannech in 2010. Check also: Microsoft to invest $100 million in Uber Technologies Minecraft is one of the most popular and downloadable computer game at all ...

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The Champions league -2015 – draw

champions league

As the teams all over Europe are recruiting their squads before the end of the transfer market that is ending on the 1st September, getting ready for champions league game. Check also: 5 Players Who Were Shortlisted for 2015 BBC African footballer of the year award The teams have also been preparing for the champions league draw especially those teams ...

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WATCH: Sprinter Usain Bolt was knocked over by a Chinese camera man just after his 200m victory

Usain Bolt

The world sprinter from Jamaica Usain Bolt won the 200 metres final at the IAAF World Athletics Championship in Beijing on Thursday, so far he has won two gold medals. Check also: Uganda’s Stephen Kiprotich Finishes 4th in Tokyo Marathon 2016 But a few minutes after the race, a Chinese camera man was moving on a segway, accidentally he slid off ...

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