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Servers For Startup Businesses: How To Find The Best And Most Affordable Products?

servers for businesses

When you are starting up a new company, you must make allowances for a number of different things. You need a website, you need a way to sell your products, and you need a way to store all your data. A company that collects data in the right way can use that data to improve every year. You can create ...

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Google Admits Listening To Customers’ Conversations


The search engine giant, Google admitted that it gives it’s employees access to some audio recordings from it’s voice assistant, the Google Home Smart Speakers. Check also: Global Installed Base Of Smart Speakers To Surpass 200 Million In 2020, Says GlobalData The search engine giant mentioned that it uses linguistic experts to study a small number of audio excerpts from users. ...

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Government Urged To Invest In ICT Sector

government urged

Government has been challenged to invest more money into Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector in a bid to provide efficient and reliable services to the public. East Africa Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament Mike Sebalu says investment in ICT will increase accountability and adoption to fast digital service by government agencies. “The world has evolved therefore for any government and ...

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The Working Method Of The Java

java programming

Java these days are providing grounds for the new and the innovative ideas. This is the special and the trusted tool in the stimulating of the creative and the problem solving issues in case of the developers. Just like in case of the daily jobs chances of failure is less in the process of java. There is distillation of time ...

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Uganda’s ICT Minister Calling For Collaboration To Reduce The Cost Of Information Technology Services

ICT minister

Frank Tumwebaze, Uganda’s Minister for Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) & National Guidance of Uganda has called for collaboration among developed and low developed countries to reduce cost of Information and Technology services. “We shouldn’t think that ICT is only for computer scientists in the lab. In these past three days, we have learnt that ICT is everywhere, ...

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