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How Disabled Bathroom Designs Help People With Disabilities In Australia

How Disabled Bathroom Designs Help People With Disabilities In Australia

If Australians have a disability that makes it difficult for them to use the bathroom, or if there is an elderly family member or friend who needs help using their bathroom safely, then the right disabled bathroom design in Australia can make a big difference in their lives. A good disabled bathroom design can make everything from getting dressed to going to the bathroom much easier and less dangerous for people with disabilities or older people who may fall. Designing such a bathroom is vital for those in Australia who have special needs, and the reasons below will explain why:

Safer And More Pleasant Experience In The Bathroom

The goal of the right disabled bathroom design in Australia is to help people with disabilities have a safer and more pleasant experience in the bathroom. Bathrooms are a place where people can be vulnerable, but they can also be difficult for people with disabilities to use.

  • Make sure grab bars and other handrails are available for anyone who needs them.
  • Ensure the toilet has enough space around it, so users don’t feel they will fall in when using it.
  • If possible, install a shower chair or bench so wheelchair users can transfer onto their shower seat without getting down onto the floor first (which may present an obstacle).

Accessibility features include grab bars, shower seats, and hand-held and walk-in showers. The bathroom should be easy to clean and maintain and accommodate a wheelchair if necessary.

Disabled Bathroom Designs Can Include A Range Of Different Features

Disabled bathroom designs can include various different features that make it easier and safer for everyone to use the bathroom. These features can include:

  • A Roll-in Shower: A roll-in shower is a fully accessible walk-in shower with a built-in bench, grab bars, towel rack, and other accessories. Roll-in showers are designed to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers while remaining safe for everyone who uses them.
  • An Accessible Toilet: An accessible toilet has extra storage space that makes it easier to store items such as shampoo bottles or other supplies needed during the daily routine without having them take up valuable space on the countertop or sink area where they might be vulnerable to falling off in an accident or other incident (such as someone accidentally knocking them over).

In Australia, there are about 4.4 million citizens who are disabled. Although some disabilities have workarounds, most don’t, and these people struggle with primary activities in bathrooms and washrooms. All the more reason why disability designs in bathrooms are essential.

Different Kinds Of Disabled Bathroom Designs are Available Depending On The Needs

Different kinds of disabled bathroom designs depend on the needs, including wet areas, mobility access, assisted living and dementia-friendly bathrooms.

  • Wet area designs are generally easier to make accessible than dry ones because they don’t require as many modifications to the room’s layout or fixtures.
  • Mobility access enables people with mobility impairments to move around easily in their bathroom without assistance from others. This includes ensuring no obstacles prevent a wheelchair from entering the room safely or efficiently reaching any of its features, such as sinks, shower heads or toilets.
  • Assisted living is designed for seniors who may have difficulty performing tasks usually taken for granted by healthy individuals, such as getting dressed or brushing one’s teeth because of health problems like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease (among others).
  • Dementia-friendly bathrooms offer solutions that allow patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease symptoms such as memory loss or confusion while trying not just to remember where things go but how much time it takes before someone else comes along again when they need help finding something missing (such as keys).

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