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ofwono says museveni cant resign
Ofwono Opondo

Museveni Can’t Fall Like Zuma Did- Government’s Spokesperson Ofwono says

Zuma who has been South Africa’s elected president since 2009, last week resigned due to pressure from his party members ANC. But ofwono says, museveni can’t fall just like he did.

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Speaking about falling, the ex president of Zimbabwe, Mugabe who was least expected to resign at any time surprised the world when he resigned.

Ofwono expects change in peaceful way

After  seeing some countries experience change in a peaceful manner, Some African countries like, Uganda who are yearning for change gives their citizens hope for the transformation of power in their country.

The former S.A president Zuma, was accused of corruption in his leadership.

Uganda’s political analyst,  Miria Matembe, said right from the day South Africa elected zuma as their president, she felt pity and sorrow for the country.

What Miria Matembe said

Miria said that she was very disappointed on electing zuma, as south African president because he wasn’t the right person for the job and never expected something good from him. “And his resignation proved my mind to be right,” she continued.

Back to the punch line, Ofwono said that, museveni is at the center of power, therefore he can’t fall like zuma.

ofwono said,” unlike Museveni, Zuma had his personal failures, but he managed to be South Africa’s president for nine years, just because he was still needed and desired by his party ANC, Parliament and the public.

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