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RAM Trucks: Tips For Maintenance And Care 

RAM Trucks: Tips For Maintenance And Care 

Every proud owner of RAM knows that it is more than just a pickup truck; it is a workhouse. The vehicle’s robust construction and powerful engine can easily handle the most challenging terrains. But, all machines are susceptible to unforeseen damage and natural wear and tear.

In either case, regular maintenance, repair, and care become necessary. And here, the only option may be to visit the service center of a reliable RAM dealer in Moreno Valley. However, you can also care for your truck through these tips, which include an infrequent visit to the service center.

1. Pressure Wash the Truck When Needed 

Trucks are usually heavy-duty vehicles, zipping across muddy terrains, causing them to be caked with dirt. The dirt may harden and even affect the vehicle’s paint if left neglected.

So, one easy way to remove any dirt or mud build-up is to pressure-wash the vehicle. However, there are certain things you need to be careful about. For instance, use a gentle spray, as going too harsh may chip off the paint or damage the tailgate and window glass.

2. Check the Truck’s Tires for Air Pressure 

Tires are among the more expensive components of your RAM pickup truck. So, keeping a regular eye on them for optimal air pressure becomes essential.

At least once a month, check the tire pressure and keep them well-inflated to avoid losing out on gas mileage. Besides this, it is also critical that you rotate the tires every 6000 miles to prevent wear and tear.

3. Take Care of Oil Changes 

Keeping up with oil changes is one of the most crucial aspects of proper RAM truck care and maintenance. If the oil becomes too dirty, it will interfere with engine performance, leading to expensive repairs. Hence, make sure that the oil is high-quality and synthetic. In addition to that, ensure that the radiator is kept clean, or it may lead to engine overheating problems.

Use a garden hose to clean the radiator but do not use it with too much force, or the water may enter inside and ruin the internal parts. And if you feel a significant issue lurking in the background, drive to the service center of a reliable RAM dealer in Moreno Valley to check the vehicle thoroughly.

4. Keep an Eye on the Fluids 

All fluids in your pickup truck tend to deteriorate over time. So, it’s crucial to check each of them, including the coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. As such, keep changing these fluids on time to ensure your RAM truck works at its optimal at all times.

5. Replace the Air Filter 

This component of your pickup truck is vital because it filters out dust and dirt from the air, keeping them from entering the engine. Likewise, clogging this filter can cause engine stalling or failure. So, you should generally change the truck’s air filter every 12,000 miles or based on your driving habits.

Zip in a RAM That’s Spick-and-Span! 

With the above mentioned tips, you can protect your RAM truck’s life and maximize it. Finally, choose a RAM dealer in Moreno Valley after careful research, and check for online reviews before you commit to their services. And as an additional tip, keep to the new truck lanes constructed across Moreno Valley; this will keep your RAM from suffering unnecessary terrain-based damage.

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