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Some Good News About Sleeping On Your Side

Some Good News About Sleeping On Your Side

Whether you wake up with back, neck, or shoulder discomfort depends on how you sleep. It has been linked to the etiology of several neurological illnesses and may either increase or alleviate sleep apnea and snoring. Most individuals benefit most from sleeping on their side, which is the healthiest posture. Several drawbacks to sleeping on one’s back or stomach might be alleviated by switching to side sleeping using a side sleeper pillow. There are several health advantages to sleeping on your side.

  • aids digestion
  • better intestinal health
  • milder cases of snoring and sleep apnea
  • relieving suffering
  • strengthened cognitive function
  • more favourable conditions for gestational health

Now you get to the good stuff: the many advantages of side sleeping. There are several advantages to sleeping on either the left or right side or even a combination of the two.

Better Digestion

Your bodies, at least from the outside, seem relatively symmetrical. However, if you examined the human body at its centre, you would see that your organs are not evenly distributed. Since the digestive system is on the left side of the body, sleeping on that side will promote healthy digestion. It may promote waste passage through the colon, aiding in bowel regulation.

Restoration Of Digestive Health (Reduced Heartburn Symptoms)

Many suffer from acid reflux, often known as GERD. You may get a burning sensation in your throat or chest; food may come back up when you burp; you may experience chest discomfort, or more. These problems are already familiar with acid reflux, but they become much more problematic while lying down and disrupting sleep (such as damage to the esophagus).

People with GERD have fewer symptoms when they sleep on their left side with a pillow under their head and neck. However, it’s important to remember that a wedge cushion between your legs may help alleviate acid reflux symptoms while laying on your back or left side.

Severity Of Sleep Apnea And Snoring Reduced

Insufficiency in breathing during sleep manifests as snoring and sleep apnea, both brought on by a narrowing or closing the airway. Maintaining an open airway when you sleep may lead to a restful night’s rest regardless of which side you sleep on. Each of you may benefit from better sleep as a result of this.

Soothing Effects

You may keep your spine in a healthy, neutral, and extended position by placing a cushion between your knees while sleeping sideways. A relaxed and supported posture of the neck is possible as well. Fewer aches and pains in the back and neck are the result of this ideal posture. In addition, this is the ideal sleeping posture for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since it reduces strain on the wrists.

Protection Of Brain Function

The most unexpected advantage of sleeping on one’s side relates to the mind. Sleeping helps the brains clean themselves up, as the Journal of Neuroscience reports. When they function optimally, you have a lower chance of developing neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Sleeping on one’s side has been linked to improved waste clearance, promoting optimum brain health and function and perhaps increasing lifespan.


There are a few things to remember, whether you regularly sleep on your side or are curious to try it. Here are a few suggestions to aid you in getting a good night’s rest while you sleep on your side. If you like sleeping sideways, it’s best to choose a mattress and a side sleeper pillow for that position and to put a cushion between your knees for support. Keep your neck in a neutral posture by using a medium-to-firm cushion. If you sleep on a firm mattress, it’s essential to ensure your stomach doesn’t sink too far into the space between your side and the bed. Insert a tiny cushion there if necessary.

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