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The Most Common Reasons You Have Black Gums

The Most Common Reasons You Have Black Gums

While you may think gums are pink, the reality is that everyone has a different shade of gum. The color of your gums is defined by the amount of melanin in the gums. This is the same substance that gives color to skin, it’s not surprising that it also affects the color of your gums.

It should be noted that melanin pigmentation of the gums can create a uniform dark or black color, it can also be patchy.

The good news is that this is normal. However, if you have black gums and this isn’t usually the case then it is time to visit a dentist. This is a good moment to consider using a holistic dentist that will take your overall health into account as well as your oral health; the two are connected.

Of course, melanin is not the only cause of black gums. If the change is recent then you may have a medical condition that needs treatment.

Causes Of Black Gums

In rare cases, Addison’s diseases can cause black gums although this is usually patchy, not the entire gum. If you are currently on medication this can also affect the color of your gums, says this professional dentist in Vienna. Specifically, anti-malarials, antibiotics, and cancer therapy drugs can all contribute to black gums.

Smoking can also cause your gums to go black. This is due to the nicotine in cigarettes which actually encourages your body to produce melanin.

However, there are times when black gums are a sign of something more serious, such as oral cancer. The key difference here is that oral cancer usually starts with a black spot on your gums which slowly grows, the whole gum will not appear darker. If this is the case a biopsy will need to be performed before treatment can be administered.

Treatment Options

Of course, the exact treatment you will be eligible for depending on what condition you have. IF the reason for black gums is natural then it is possible to have a cosmetic procedure to lighten them.

The most common approach is to use a scalpel to remove dark gym material. However, this type of procedure is likely to be needed to be repeated regularly as the underlying cause will make the gums darker again.

Another option is freezing the affected gums, this effectively kills the melanin in the cells and it rarely reappears, making it the better long-term option.

It is also possible to graft tissue onto your gums. The dentist will usually take cells from the top of the mouth where they are unpigmented and attach it to your gums, eradicating the issue by hiding it.

Final Thoughts

If your black gums are new or concerning you then you should speak to a dentist. This will rule out any sinister issues and help ensure you are aware of your options. But, you should note that darker gums are natural. If there is no medical issue then you should consider simply keeping the gums the way they are, healthy.

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