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Trump To Host Ramathan Dinner At The White House

US president Donald Trump and ramathan

The American president, His excellence Donald Trump will be hosting an Islamic Futar dinner at the White House next week to acknowledge the holly month of Ramathan, as stated by the White house official. Check  also: What Do Indonesians And Other Muslim Countries Think Of Trump? The Futar dinner will take place on Wednesday next week, however, the White house official ...

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How Africa Reacted When Trump Was Announced As The Next U.S. President

Americans Donald Trump on melania

As news of Donald Trump ’s election as the 45th president of the United States trickles in, social media users across Africa have been venting their frustrations—and in some cases, expressing their joy—at the unexpected result. Check also: Donald Trump is US president-elect in -2016;America’s Brexit as Hillary Clinton concedes election Trump has not had much to say about foreign policy in ...

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Here’s how much the American President gets paid

Obama paid

Many of you may ask yourselves how much the president of the United states gets paid, infact its not much as you may think, the different is not so big from the America’s top earners like the Anesthesiologist who is reportedly earning approximately $246,320 annually. Check also: A woman to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 American bill The president ...

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