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Ugandan Government Blocks Access To social Media Ahead Of Museveni’s Swearing In

uganda blockc access to FB

It seems the Ugandan government doesn’t want people talking about its election or its once and future president certainly not online especially using social media such as facebook, twitter and whatsApp and thats why it blocked access to them.[9] Check also: Ugandan Government Shuts Down Social Media Ahead Of Elections The nation’s government blocked access to Facebook,[4] Twitter and WhatsApp ...

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Diplomats: Western Envoys In Uganda Walk Out Of Museveni Swearing-In


US, European and Canadian diplomats left abruptly when Mr Museveni made disparaging comments about the International Criminal Court (ICC).[3] Check also: Uganda’s Opposition Leader Sworn In As The President The US state diplomats said they had also objected to the presence of Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir at the ceremony.  Mr Bashir is wanted by the ICC on charges of genocide.[2] Thursday’s inauguration, ...

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Meet The World’s First Licensed Armless Pilot


Armless Pilot: Everyone on earth is useful in his or her own way,[9] The Filipino American by the names of Pilot Jessica Cox was born armless but surprisingly, [3]she can fly an aeroplane. Check also: Meet the 35 year old ethiopian man who built his own aircraft from his home She trained how to write and to type using her feet ...

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Over 40 People Killed In Twin Suicide Bomb Attacks


Killed: 40 people were killed on Sunday as twin bomb explosions ripped through Baidoa city, in south-western Somalia. The first explosion occurred at a popular restaurant as many people were having evening coffee as usual. According to witnesses and survivors, at least 25 people died at the scene and many others were left wounded. Check also: Cameroon’s military freed hundreds ...

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