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There’s No Hopeful Solution To Rising Prices Of Commodities

There’s No Hopeful Solution To The Rising Prices Of Commodities

President Museveni, unfortunately, provided no long-term solution to the skyrocketing prices of fuel and food in Uganda. The citizens in the country have been grappling with these prices and said that if any narrow path to salvation comes up they would take it. Last evening, the president addressed the nation and said government interventions by cutting taxes or subsidies would ...

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Presidential Address; Public Expects Nothing From Museveni’s Address To The Nation

Another Presidential Address, What more May He Tighten Or Loosen

Members of the public have said they expect nothing from the presidential address today. The president today is expected to address the nation on a number of issues in the country. The country is in an economic crisis that has affected especially the less privileged. Currently, the price of fuel is above 6000 at most petrol stations which has forced ...

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FDC Founder, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Foretells Food Shortage In Uganda

Kiiza besigye congragulates raila

Political Activist, Dr. Kizza Besigye, has foretold the coming food shortage in the next few weeks that could cause another crisis in the country. He says everything has gone high but the salaries of people are still the same. “On top of high fuel prices, we are going to have food shortages pushing up prices. Maize flour prices have doubled ...

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Bobi Wine’s State Of The Nation Address Was All About Chapatis- Hon David Kabanda

NRM MP David Kabanda Warns Comedian Emeka; I Will Revenge On You Using Your Girlfriend-

Kasambya County MP Hon David Kabanda has come out to mock Bobi Wine’s state of the nation address. This was delivered by Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu before President Museveni delivered his. Kabanda thinks there was nothing fundamental to take from Bobi Wine’s ‘SONA’ as it was full of chapati talk. Kabanda added that yesterday was full of competition for the ...

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“What Dr. Besigye Is Doing Is Absolutely Right,” Hon. Mathias Mpuuga

Mathias Mpuuga; Civic Space Is Shrinking, Reforms Are Needed

Leader of opposition in parliament, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has said Dr. Kizza Besigye is absolutely right in what he is doing. Besigye has been striking over the high commodity prices in the country. However, he has been jailed for the same cause on several occasions. According to Mpuuga, he is better than people watching the situation without lifting a finger ...

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