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Covid-19 Crisis Was More Of Crisis Than Current Economic Crisis To The President – Ssemujju Nganda

Heroes Day Became A Partisan NRM Day- Hon Ssemujju Nganda

Hon. Ssemujju Nganda has said the Covid-19 crisis was more serious to the president than the ongoing inflation in the country. He says the number of meetings that were held during Covid have not been witnessed this time round. “You have a President who cares when he wants to and sometimes he forgets that he has to care. During COVID ...

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Landlords Are Not Allowed To Evict People Because Of Rent – Museveni Warns

schools reopen -government through president Museveni Orders Those Sneezing Should To Keep Away From Public bse corona virus / national prayers

President Museveni has once again addressed the nation for the 8th time, he tried to give a few highlights in a fight against the spread of the deadly virus which has put the whole world on tension. Specifically here in Uganda and Africa, we are not fighting against coronavirus. We are fighting primarily against the social indiscipline of our people. ...

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