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President Donald Trump Invites Putin To White House

Donald Trump, The US President Invites Vladimir Putin To White House

While on twitter, the US White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders stressed a point that His exellency President, Donald Trump was positive about the ongoing working conversation between the two security council staffs at the Monday’s summit between the two leaders, Putin and Trump in Helsinki. Check also: Forbes Ranked Vladimir Putin As World’s Most Powerful Person-2015 Sarah Sanders further more ...

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Trump To Host Ramathan Dinner At The White House

US president Donald Trump and ramathan

The American president, His excellence Donald Trump will be hosting an Islamic Futar dinner at the White House next week to acknowledge the holly month of Ramathan, as stated by the White house official. Check  also: What Do Indonesians And Other Muslim Countries Think Of Trump? The Futar dinner will take place on Wednesday next week, however, the White house official ...

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The Differences And Similarities Between Trump And Kim Jong Un

trump and kin jong un

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump have engaged themselves in a “war of words,” or at least childish insults, that has made headlines over the past few months. The rivalry that has spun barbs like, “dotard,” and “short and fat,” still openly suggests war and destruction. Check also: North Korea Has Missiles That Can Reach US, General Says Despite the animosity ...

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Don’t Dare Try Us- Donald Trump Warns North Korea

Donald trump warns north korea

President Donald Trump delivered a sharp warning to North Korea on Wednesday, telling the rogue nation: “Do not underestimate us. And do not try us.” Check also: Stop Saying You Won’t Pay For The Wall-Donald Tells Mexican President In a speech delivered hours after he aborted a visit to the heavily fortified Korean demilitarised zone due to bad weather, Trump said ...

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5 Reasons Why Most Nigerians Love Donald Trump

Trump with african leaders

President Donald Trump is struggling to convince Americans that he’s the right man for the job, enduring record low popularity ratings during his first few months in office. The annual Pew Research Center survey on global attitudes to the U.S. and its president, published on June 26, made for grim reading for Trump. Across the 37 countries surveyed, a median of just 22 percent had confidence ...

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