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Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising Agriculture


Artificial intelligence offers the promise of transforming agriculture in ways that could save over 815 million people, or 11% of the world’s population, from hunger:most especially in Africa, where the sector accounts for 32% of GDP and two-thirds of employment. Check also: Meet A Self-driving Tractor Which Could Change Farming Forever As at now, three-quarters of Africa’s farmers practice traditional farming ...

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Seeds, Not Diamonds, Will Make Africa Great

seeds in Africa

As I settle back in my homeland Nigeria ( west Africa) since retiring as the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in March this year, I am reminded of a local saying that when you go to the stream to fetch water, your bucket will only be filled with the water that is yours. No one can ...

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Meet A Self-driving Tractor Which Could Change Farming Forever

self-driving tractor

Self-driving technology isn’t just for cars. The same cutting-edge research is being applied to other industries. Take this self-driving tractor, for example, which could be poised to take the farming industry by storm. Check also: China Has Built An Elevated Bus That Moves Above Car Traffic The Case IH autonomous tractor was unveiled this week at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, though it’s just ...

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