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7 Amusing Things TO Do When Your Boyfriend Asks For Space

things to do when your boyfriend asks for space

There is something I need to confess. I do not understand when people say things like ‘I need space from my girlfriend/ boyfriend. I mean, let’s just be honest and accept that we’re all clingy. Check also: 10 Things your Girlfriend Tells You And What They Literally Mean What’s different is the degree of clinginess! No matter how much we deny ...

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11 Reasons Why Girls Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Say No

Girl fear to say No

As Girls, this translates into an inability to say no to things that we don’t want to do or that go against our belief system. It’s high time we changed that. It’s high time we learnt the value of saying ‘NO’. Check also: 10 Things Shy Girls Normally Say And What They Actually Mean 1. Owner of your life You are ...

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10 things your Guy wants you to know about him

partner relationships for man and woman

Having a guy is not only about enjoying life, fulfilling the desire to have one but its also about finding what your boy friend really desires. Check also:  9 Sweet Things You Should Do For Your Boyfriend’s Birthday Below are the things that your guy really wishes you know about him 1. They are as worried about their physical appearance ...

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11 Things Some People Say To Girls Who Don’t Wear Makeup

girls without makeup

Wear makeup everyday and no one bats an eye. Give makeup a miss and the whole world loses its mind! Sad but true, but in our society wearing makeup is a double-edged sword. You wear it too often and people think you’re trying too hard and if you don’t wear it at all, people think you don’t bother enough about ...

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10 Things your Girlfriend Tells You And What They Literally Mean

What your girlfriend means when she saays say tings

Actually, on the realistic ground, Having a girlfriend,[9] is are among the delicate things one can have within the universe. Check also: 9 Little Things Your Long Distance Boyfriend Needs You To Know But apart from being delicate, a girlfriend is also among the complicated creatures and you sometimes can’t tell what they really want, when and how they want it. ...

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