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43 Things Girls Wish From Their Boyfriends

These Are The 43 Things Girls Wish From Their Boyfriends

Indeed most of the girls always need thousands of things from their boyfriends. Some they do what boys don’t actually know about them. Check also: Am Not Quitting FDC-Mugisha Muntu Most girls wish the following from their beloved boyfriends 1. When you break her heart, the pain never really goes away. 2. When a girl misses you, she’s hurting inside. 3. ...

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7 Foods Every Girl MUST Avoid During Her Period

a girl in her period, dad

It’s totally natural to crave for sugary treats when you’re on your period. But before you binge away, we want you to know that the food you eat does affect your body and your mood during this hormonal time. Check also: 8 Relationship Problems All Girls Face– Here’s The Solution Bloating, mood swings and painful cramps, are things no girl has ...

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Sanitary Pads Should Be a Public Health Emergency

sanitary pads

This week fact-checking ninjas, Africa Check revealed that it’s not actually seven million girls who miss school every month, because of the inaccessibility of feminine hygiene products, like the sanitary pads. Check also: 10 Beauty Habbits All Girls Should Have By The Time They’re 20 And while the actual number of girls who miss school because the price of pads ...

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7 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Boyfriend

quality time boyfriend

Well, all girls want to spend some quality time with their boyfriend (s), [9]and are always on the lookout for some or the other opportunity to do that! But it’s time to get creative ladies. Check also: 9 Little Things Your Long Distance Boyfriend Needs You To Know Here are some of the things you could do with your boyfriend ...

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