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Here’s Why My Family Stopped Going to Church

church of jesus

The other day, as the kids and I were driving home from picking up Tom from his after-school club, my youngest said, “Mom, there’s another baby Jesus in church,” referring to a manger scene on someone’s front lawn. Check also; Catholic Church Apologized For Alleged Murder During The Genocide Of 1994 “Oh, that’s great. How many does that make this trip?” ...

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Nigerian Preacher, T.B Joshua Explains Unfullfilled U.S Election Prophecy

T.B Joshua

Nigerian preacher T.B Joshua has sought to explain his unfulfilled prophecy on the U.S. presidential election. Check also: A Pastor Dies After Fasting For 30 Days, He Wanted To Break The Record Of Jesus Christ The popular pastor predicted November 6 that the election would be won by “a woman,” presumably Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Joshua’s message, posted on his Facebook page, indicated that ...

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