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China Announces Sanctions Against “Lying And Cheating” Outgoing Trump Officials

China Announces Sanctions Against Outgoing Trump Officials

China in it’s first move after Joe Biden’s swearing in as the 46th President to the US has announced sanctions against 27 outgoing officials of the Trump administration.  The Chinese administration says they want to cooperate with Joe Biden’s new US government. They announced sanctions against the “lying and cheating” outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo. With him are 27 ...

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Trump Bids Farewell To Americans On The Last Day In Office

Trump Bids Farewell To Americans

US President Donald Trump has made his farewell address before leaving office today saying, ‘’we did what we came to do – and so much more.’’ Trump said in a video posted on YouTube that he took on the tough battles, the hardest fights….because that is what he was elected to do. Mr. Trump, however, has still not yet accepted ...

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4 People Dead After Protesters Attack The US Capitol Building

Protesters Attack The US Capitol Building

The Capitol Building has once again been secured but four people have been reported dead including a woman who was shot. The attack on the Capitol Building happened after rioters stormed into the halls of Congress to try and block Biden’s win. Trump supporters breached the building and dissolved the nation’s capital in chaos that was later contained and the ...

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Vladimir Putin Congratulates Joe Biden Upon Winning Presidency Of the US

Vladimir Putin congratulates Joe Biden on election win

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has after a long while congratulated President-elect Joe Biden upon his victory over Donald Trump. The congratulatory message came after the Electoral College confirmed that the former vice president won the 270 electoral votes needed to unseat President Trump. Putin was the only major world leader yet to send his best wishes to the President-elect. ...

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Times Magazine Name Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Person Of The Year

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Person Of The Year

The US President-elect Joe Biden and his vice Kamala Harris have been named Person Of The Year 2020 by Times Magazine. The two received recognition from the Magazine following in the footsteps of Barak Obama and Donald Trump himself. ‘’Together, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris offered restoration and renewal in a single ticket. And America bought what they were selling. ...

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