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Mosquitoes Like People With This Blood Type

vitamin for mosquito

Mosquitoes. They’re an incredibly rude bunch.[9] They don’t even offer to take you to dinner before biting, draining your blood and exposing you to all sorts of nasty diseases. Check also: This Vitamin Will Perfectly Protect You Against Mosquitoes Of Any Kind Speaking of blood,[3] did you know that mosquitoes actually have a preferred type? 85% of people secrete a ...

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Malaria freedom is possible by 2020 in 21 nations

Malaria is spread by mosiquitoess

Malaria, globally, makes 3.3 billion people in over 106 countries at risk of the disease but as the World celebrates Malaria’s Day on Monday,[1] In Geneva  the World’s health Organization has promised to create a malaria free environment in some states.[2] Check also: Bill Gates & UK Pledged £3 Billion To Fight Malaria Six countries in Africa, the continent where ...

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