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7 African States Where Opposition Parties Have Won Elections

Buhari who won leadership from the african parties

In Africa its rare for the opposition parties/leaders to win elections not because it isn’t possible, but,[9] it’s believed that most African leaders don’t believe in change which has lead to transformation of power to be difficult in most African states.[4] Check also: Uganda’s Opposition Leader Remanded to Maximum Security Prison Below are among the few African countries that have experienced ...

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Besigye: Am Seeking International Remedies


Besigye is considering involving the international legal mechanisms to stop what they describe as repression and human rights violations by government. Former Forum for Democratic change (FDC) presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye told the media at his Kasangati home, outside Kampala following his arrest and what he described as torture on Tuesday, that the state agents were operating with impunity ...

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