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Uhuru Kenyatta Meets Opposition Leader Raila Odinga

Uhuru and odinga meet

Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta together with opposition leader raila odinga had a surprise meeting on Friday (09th /03 /2018). Check also: Kenyatta Wins Kenya’s Repeat Elections The two leaders called a truce and promised to work together to stop the country’s slide into what they termed as anarchy. They portrayed their feeling of wanting to rebuild Kenya on the ground of ...

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Odinga Demands For New Elections By August In Kenya

odinga demands for new elections

Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga calls for fresh election in Kenya come August 2018 in Kenya. He also says he has no plans for a coup. Check also: No More Elections In Kenya Before 2022-Says Deputy President William Ruto Kenya last year 2017 held two elections after the first poll was canceled by the Supreme Court claiming it wasn’t free ...

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Besigye congratulates Raila Upon His Swearing In As Kenya’s People’s President

besigye congragulates raila

Despite of the fact that Kenya’s opposition leader raila odinga sworn in illegally as Keyan’s president, Besigye wished him the best. Check also: If Raila Odinga Wins The Elections He Will Be Removed – President Uhuru Kenyatta Besigye said: No one can doubt that these people have their president- People’s President!”. He continued and said: “A result of election results that ...

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Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga Is Set To Swear In As People’s President

Raila Odinga set to swear in

The long a waited day for the NASA Is Today (Tuesday) ahead of a ceremony to swear in their Leader Raila Odinga in as an alternative president of Kenya. Check also: No More Elections In Kenya Before 2022-Says Deputy President William Ruto Supporters of Kenyan opposition leader Odinga have gathered in Nairobi to witness their leader being sworn in as the ...

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Raila Odinga Threatens To Form His Own Government

odinga threatens to make his government

Opposition leader Raila ORaila Odinga has vowed to form a rival government when he is sworn in on January 30 even if it is based outside the country. Check also: Raila Set To Be Sworn In He spoke as 13 opposition MPs said they will have all the National Super Alliance (NASA) affiliated lawmakers to support the oath by swearing affidavits declaring ...

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