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Cindy Reveals The Moment She Knew She Won Cindy-Sheebah Battle

Sheebah-Cindy Music Battle: A Few Things That Didn't Go Well

Singer Cindy Sanyu has revealed the moment she knew she had won the Cindy-Sheebah battle. The battle happened last year and many people were excited about it as they waited for it a long time. The two singers used to be friends but their friendship hit a bump at some point. The “Boom Party” singer said she doesn’t know where ...

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I Don’t Like Sheebah At All And The Battle Was Personal – Cindy Sanyu

Douglas Lwanga - The Cindy Sanyu – Sheebah Battle To Divide The Media

Songstress Cindy Sanyu is still in and about the battle she had with Sheebah Karungi last year. Speaking to journalists in South Sudan, she said that she doesn’t like Sheebah a single bit. The music battle between them at Kololo Independence Grounds was personal. The Boom Party singer opened up about why she doesn’t like Queen Karma. According to the ...

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Sheebah Reveals Labels Are Trying To Make A ‘Duplicate Her’

New Song Alert From Sheebah, Dropping On Valentine's Day

Singer Sheebah Karungi also known as Queen Karma has spoken about different labels that are trying to make an artist like her. She said people don’t need to mind that she is the only Sheebah and there will be no other.She is one of the most successful female singers in Uganda. She started her career as a dancer and then ...

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Sizza Man Hails Sheebah’s Talent And Work Ethic

Sizza Man Hails Sheebah's Talent And Work Ethic

Retired veteran singer Sizza Man has hailed fellow musician, Sheebah Karungi’s incredible work ethic and talent. According to the Angela singer, he was amazed by Queen Karma when they first teamed up for a project. According to Sizza, the two did various songs together but it was Automatic that became a hit. Besides, there was another song they were supposed ...

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Karole Kasita Reveals Sheebah Said She Was Too Busy To Do Remix Of “Chekecha”

Karole Kasita Reveals Sheebah Said She Was Too Busy To Do A Remix Of "Chekecha"

Singer Karole Kasita has revealed that she wanted Sheebah Karungi to join her for the remix of her hit song Chekecha. However, Sheebah told her she was busy with personal projects. She revealed this in a recent interview with Tuff B on NBS TV. “And then for Sheebah I passed it by her, but she didn’t buy the idea. So, ...

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