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“How A Snake Brought Me A Husband,” Aussie Woman Narrates

Aussie Woman and her snake whisperer husband

In a rather bizarre story, a 63-year-old Aussie woman named Dee Scown has come out to narrate how a serpent brought her the man of her life. “I was 37 and had recently separated from my husband. It was my third marriage that had ended in divorce and I couldn’t deal with any more heartache. ‘It’s just me and you ...

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VIDEO! Museveni Almost Bitten By A Snake While Addressing A Conference

Museveni Almost Bit By A Snake

It was a shocking moment yesterday on Friday when a snake was slithering towards where President Museveni was standing. While giving a speech in a simple tent together with the Minister, Esther Namuganza, this snake caused a lot of shock to people who were under that umbrella. Check also: Nigerian Official Says A Snake Ate Shs 360 Million From Her ...

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