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Ugandan Government Shuts Down Social Media Ahead Of Elections

president museveni landlords and allowances

The Ugandan government decided to block access to social media on both computers and mobile phones ahead of election day, all popular social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp were shut down on Wednesday at mid-night. Check also: Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni takes part in presidential debate Amnesty International deputy regional director, Sarah Jackson said the shut down ...

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Uganda Named Among The Top 5 Beautiful Countries In Africa

beautiful uganda

Uganda is simply known as “The Pearl of Africa”, it is located within the East African region, it is the starting point of one of the most amazing and longest rivers in the world known as river Nile. This makes it to be one of the beautiful countries. Check also: Ugandans Among The Happiest People Worldwide , According To Survey ...

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Uganda Is The Leading English Speaking Country In Africa, According To Research

Uganda is english speaking

The study shows that Uganda is the best and leading English speaking country on the African continent followed by Zambia, according to World Linguistic Agency ( W.L.A ). Well its not a very big surprise for Ugandans because it’s a British colony and definitely English became one of the top most official languages in country. Check also: Ugandan Body Builder, ...

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40 quotes that will free you from anxious mind


Quates: one being worried is normal but what worries you is the most important thing that should be eyed. Some people look for a quiet place to always hear their inner voices so that they can free themselves from the hardships in their mind. Peace doesn’t mean to be in a place where is no noise, trouble or hard work, ...

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Round 1 Of The Golf Amateur’s


After Namakula Flavia winning the Lady’s open and Anthony Akullo wining the senior’s open, now it’s the battle of the champions at the tusker malt lager open golf tournament. Check also:The tusker malt lager uganda open 2015 This is due to the tight competition that the amateur golfers who had their tee off yesterday have in between themselves. The first ...

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