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King Saha Advises Upcoming Artistes How To Become Successful

Kasuku; King Saha Has My Support

Singer King Saha real name Semanda Mansour has advised upcoming artists on how to become successful. He said being talented doesn’t guarantee Someone’s success when it comes to the music industry. It needs more than just talent. Saha has been in the music industry for about 10 years and has managed to keep on top of his game. According to ...

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Lydia Jazmine Vows To Keep Supporting Upcoming Artistes Each Year

Singer Lydia Jazmine Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Songstress Lydia Jazmine has vowed to keep supporting upcoming musicians and music producers each year. She said she has been through it and she understands what it takes for someone to finally break through in the music industry as she has ever been in that position. The singer is one of Uganda’s female musicians that people haven’t complained about especially ...

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Mathias Walukagga Refers Geosteady As Upcoming Artiste

Mathias Walukagga Refers Geosteady As An Upcoming Artiste

Kadongo kamu singer and politician Mathias Walukagga has referred fellow singer Geosteady as an upcoming musician. He said he has nothing to say about him because they are not in the same league and never will they be. Geosteady launched his music career in 2017 and Mathis Walukagga has been in the industry way longer. These older musicians always refer ...

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Alien Skin Insists On His Plans To Retire From Music By December 2023

Alien Skin Reveals That It Was The British Government That Convinced Him For London Show

Trending and controversial singer Alien Skin has insisted on his plans to retire from Uganda’s music industry by December 2023. He said he wants to allow young artists to also shine like he has been shining in the past few months. The singer became famous a few months ago with his hit song Sitya Danger. He even had a successful ...

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Singer Vyroota Reveals He Slept In Same Bed With Mother Till Puberty

Vyroota Reveals He Was Blocked From Performing At Eddy Kenzo Festival

Upcoming singer Vyroota has narrated the tough conditions he passed through while growing up. The singer said that he had to share a bed with his mother till puberty. According to him, things got tough when his father died. His mother had a kiosk selling liquor around Kireka.   It was here that became their new home after his dad’s passing. ...

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