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Tips To Catch Every Moment

Many students are interested in their career development during the active study. This is the right decision since it is very important to have professional experience, which will be useful in the future. In order to successfully combining work and study, the skills of organizing your time will definitely help you.

Student often may say: “I wish I have 25 hours a day, then I would have done it all.” But even if you add one hour, all the people who do not have time now, will not be able to get in time further. Why do you meet always people who have the same 24 hours in a day, but who manage their tasks efficiently? Personal productivity depends not on the number of hours in a day, but on the ability to manage their time and deeds.

It’s not a secret that the modern youth guys often choose the motto for life “Take everything from the life!”. And they are facing with one of the most urgent questions – combining study and work. How can students catch it all?

What principles should you adhere to catch every moment in your life?


The principle of lead time allows us to organize the preparation for exams correctly. The main thing is to plan in advance events related to study, work or leisure. Why is it so bad to be constantly in a state under tight deadlines? Firstly, the emotional tension is growing; secondly, the rush leads to increasing the number of mistakes; thirdly, the large amount of information which you are trying to “pack” into your brain in a short period is quickly forgotten.

Try to plan your month in advance: what working days and days off you will have, what important events you need to visit, whom you need to congratulate when the deadline for submitting a writing paper or article. Try to plan each week with special treatment: write out exact day and time for every event; mark the time frames and “windows” in your diary.

The principle of fixing events

Try not to keep everything in mind, but to fix it gadget or diary. You can use a regular notebook, planning application, an organizer in your mobile phone or a special program on your computer. While maintaining the schedulers, you will see the graphic representation of your workload with events and tasks.

Principle of cases parallelism

If you have to study and work at the same time, then you just need to master the technique of “sandwich”. The main tip of this technique is when you are don’t need to be actively involved and focused on one case, you can manage other things. For example, on the way from the university, you can read a book, rewrite lectures, do homework, learn foreign words with a player. Or you can ask for writing help from professional writers who will do an academic work for the short time at customwritingbee.com.

The principle of conscious rest

In addition to work and study, we want to have free time to meet with friends, go to the movies, read books, etc. Many of us do not know how to rest. Try to remember – the rest should be thoughtful.  Take your time for meetings with friends, in advance, plan a joint weekend with the family. Even during the day, you need to take breaks in work to lighten up. You definitely better know what type of rest is a perfect match for you.

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