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Ykee Benda Finally Confirms Break up With His Lover

Ykee Benda Finally Confirms Break up With His Lover

Ykee Benda made a nice proposal way 9 months back to his wife, shown her how good he is and promising never to let her down in case of anything, whether good or bad.

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Benda confirmed to the public using his official facebook page that him and her are no longer lovers insisting that now he is single and it’s time to concentrate on his career.

“These are going be hard feeling for both of us, but I Know there will be free life after sometime. I will forever celebrate you and wish you happiness in whatever you do. I cannot come up with another statement, my heart is pumping too fast. Goodbye and God bless you Julie Batenga,” Ykee Benda updated that.

If you follow him via social media on facebook, you will be able to believe that all we say here is true. Him and his long time lover Julie are no more

“It’s over”, he said.

Most of his funs asked why he broke up with her yet she is so nice and good,

“Did you breakup with your babe due to these silly queens.”

“No omanyi bu slay queens bunonya relationship ate nga webumala okulya sente nga owedemu nga bugenda bwo bugenda nabagenda.”

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