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Your Competitors In Business Are Not Your Enemies, But Your Colleagues

Your Competitors In Business Are Not Your Enemies, But Your Colleagues

Your competitors in business are not your enemies but your colleagues in business. Have you ever tried to find out how best you can team up and work together.

Remember there is enough money for us all and the existence of your competitors doesn’t make you lose money, your efficiency should bring you money.

It’s a while trying to convince my fellow colleagues in business to combine funds so that we can be able to import goods in one container in order to compete with big companies on affordable prices.

Most of the stuff that we sell in hardware material supply are imported from outside the country. We are ordering these products from the same big shops that we are competing with. These big shops are even establishing outlets hardwares right direct in our territories. If us as small businesses can combine funds we can buy directly from the same supplier like those big shops and get goods at a lower price.

Now alone I can’t manage to spare all of my money in one product. But if 5 of us can combine our funds and each takes a certain portion until we make a full load then we share our products on receiving. We would have achieved a good business.

This will not happen because as business colleagues or competitors, we regard each other as enemies. Therefore we fight each other, pull down each other any time we get a chance.

This is a time to wake up, we will not achieve anything of substance if we work against each other but if we may work with combined efforts we can achieve something better.

The government may impose regulations and laws that are not supportive to businesses. Instead of combining efforts and speak with one voice, we cannot. In fact some will be happy and hoping that others will close so that they remain in the game alone.

The day you take a fight and treat your competitors as enemies that is the day you are going to limit your own downfall.

When my company was performing very well in Botswana, there are people who fought me and treated me like an enemy. We were doing the same line of business. Eventually they managed to get me thrown out of the country.

Few years later their businesses collapsed. To this day none of their businesses are still operating. They collapsed and closed long time ago without me in the game. So if they thought the existence of my business was threat, then why did they become bankrupt and closed even after my business was no longer there.

Focus on growth of your own business, treat competitors with respect, use them as your measure to do better. Where possible partner with them to grow your business. Competition is not a threat but a good thing to keep you pushing hard.

Fight harder to improve services of your business and win business, don’t fight your competitors to win business it only divert your focus to unproductive direction.

By B. Marambire

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