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18 Signs You And Your Partner Should Officially Get Married

Some people think that if you decide to stay together with your partner, it’s a must that you will definitely get married, the fact is ”NO”, not all partners that stay together finally get married, some have different qualities that don’t match with the ones of their partners.

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What matters most is whether both of you have the idea of marriage within your thoughts because this is more appealing to all of you.

Here are 18 direct signs that you and your partner should get married

  1. Marriage is something both of you always think about, and you’re not put on a gun point to do it.
  2. Both of you can easily see a happy future together.
  3. Both of you can’t imagine staying without each other.
  4. As partners, you respect each other’s feelings.
  5. Both of you are good romantic partners and friends
  6. You listen to each other and you work as a team.
  7. Family and friends strongly support your relationship.
  8. You easily know how to handle different challenges and disagreements.
  9. Both of you are good at negotiations
  10. Both of you always get excited and begin thinking when you will become husband or wife
  11. Both of you are always happy and smiley whenever you see each other.
  12. Both of you share the same chemistry and values together and desire the same things.
  13. Incase of sex, you satisfy each other to the pitch.
  14. During difficult times, he or she will always defend you
  15. You always have time for each other – even if the day looks to be fixed.
  16. Both of you know how to make each other better during the time you’re dissapointed.
  17. Both of you trust each other, 110 %.
  18. Both of you never criticise or judge each other.

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