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Apple Is Secretly Fighting To Keep You From Repairing Your Phone

It’s no secret that Apple makes a ton of money by charging ‘astronomical’ fee for replacing and fixing display and other components of iPhone and iPad (as well as Mac line).[9] For instance, the company charges $599 for replacing the display on the iPad Pro tablet.

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Which sounds insane when you realize that you can almost certainly purchase a new iPad Pro under $700. [3]And this is what most people do. A Huffington Post article notes that this behavior has contributed significantly in “generating heaps of e-waste.” Citing many advocates, [12]the publication claims that Apple has “opposed legislation that could help curb it.” From the report: The Huffington Post spoke with politicians in two states who support such legislation,[8] and confirmed through government filings that Apple has lobbied on the issue.

Four states, Minnesota, Nebraska,[4] Massachusetts and New York have considered adopting “right to repair” amendments, which would update existing laws regarding the sale of electronic equipment.[10] Amending these laws would make it easier to fix your devices and would help reduce “e-waste,” a catch-all term for any electronic detritus.[3]

The New York State Senate and Assembly could approve one of these amendments next week.[7] This would help unofficial repair shops get the information they need to fix your iPad, [3]ideally driving down repair costs and encouraging you to squeeze more life out of your old devices, thus cutting down on the e-waste generated by our voracious appetites for new gadgets.[13]

 Apple asserts that it helps recycle millions of pounds of electronics equipment every year.

But it won’t support right to repair amendments.[5]One would ask what is preventing a user from getting their device repaired by unofficial service person? In addition to the security implication, you also run a risk of getting your device bricked by Apple.[9] To recall, the iPhone maker was found bricking the handsets that had been repaired by third-party vendors earlier this year.[4]

Source: Huffington Post

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