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Prof. George Kanyeihamba says muveni and besigye are the same
Prof. George Kanyeihamba

Besigye And Museveni Are The Same- Retired Supreme Court Justice Kanyeihamba Says

The political climate is on alarm following the concluded FDC Party presidential elections.  Retired Supreme Court Justice Prof. George Kanyeihamba thinks victory of Hon. Patrick Amutriat has added another stone on the falling strength of the opposition.

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Amuriat’s victory is evidence that we don’t have political parties at all. He won in debate and made one mistake of saying he is for defiance. Defiance is not a policy,”Prof. Kanyeihamba stated.

He further urged the public not to trust  Dr. Kiiza Besigye as he explained; “Besigye is also not ready to be president. Him and Museveni are made from the same coin. They are both arrogant and don’t take advice.”

According Prof. Kanyeihamba there are capable individuals who can take charge of the country. “Henry Tumukunde would be a ‘Mnangagwa’. If you wanted a woman, Matembe can be one. Also, if Mao stopped his comedy, he would be president.

Source: matooke republic

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