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3 Things Men Need To Put Into Consideration Before Marrying a Woman

men and women

Women are considered weak creatures but they are wonderful, unexplainable, loving and kind, God created women naturally with enticing features that draw men closer to inspect, men always admire the way they talk in soft voices, the way they walk and the way they take care of us. Check also: 14 Signs to show your husband could be having an ...

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Here’s Milton Sere, Zimbabwe’s Ugliest Man -2015


HARARE— Not many people know about this kind of contest, but Zimbabwe is among the countries in Africa that begun organizing annual Mr Ugly contests, this year’s event was finalized on Saturday and the judges chose a 42 year old Milton Sere, after citing a number of several missing teeth and a wide range of deformed facial expressions over Masvinu ...

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This Singapore Apartment Complex Was Voted The Best New Building In The World


This amazing apartment complex in Singapore was awarded with the most prestigious prizes in architecture by the judges at the World Architecture Festival 2015 which took place from 4th to 6th – November in Marina Bay sands, Singapore, it received the World Building of the year Award. Check also: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe puts his New York apartment up ...

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Few things that amiable couples do


Love is “Living Of Venom Emotions” that’s according to me but to hundreds of thousand Love is….. in their simple meaning. Well, finding whom to love is not a sail plain because not many find it though thousands yarn for it. Love is not about how much you say “I love you,” but how much you prove that it’s true. ...

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Forbes Ranked Vladimir Putin As World’s Most Powerful Person – 2015

vladimir putin

The famous American magazine known as Forbes made a new list of the most influential people of the year 2015, pointing out the Russian president Vladmir Putin as the most influential person of the year. Check also: Russia begun making the world’s largest helicopter Forbes pointed out the Germany chancellor Angella Merkel as the second and the United States president ...

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