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The Timorous Ghetto Living In Uganda

Ghetto in uganda

Ghetto has no simpler definition but as the routine goes around of days and nights hustling of thriving and surviving deep down in ghetto battling is on but the difference is that the most fight to become survivors than thrivers which makes people there to drown in the waters of fear to prosper and successes and yet people do not ...

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9 Signs to tell that your boss hates you


Are you worried about your boss that perhaps has a target on your back? Here are some signs.[3] Majority of managers have employee(s) they would like to see leaving the company,sometimes NOT because they have done something wrong, sometimes your character can be a great asset to the business, but may be the manager is just biased , he just ...

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8 Differences Between Successful People And Unsuccessful

successful people

Many of you may ask yourselves why successful people are happily counting their money and others are cursing their unpaid bills,[1] in most cases it’s because of the funny characters and habbits some of us have or create.[7] Check also: 17 common things that successful people cant live without doing Here are the 8 differences between successful people and unsucessful! ...

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