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Kenya Bans Movie Over Supporting Homosexuality

The fight for homosexuality continues in Kenya that claim that homosexuality is against their culture and norms.

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The Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) banned a film to air on the people’s TV. The Film that was banned is Called “Rafiki”.

The Board claims that the local made film promotes lesbianism which is against the culture of Kenya.

The movie titled Rafiki is directed by a Kenyan, Wanuri Kahiu and was due to premier at the International Film Festival Cannes next month.

According to reports, Rafiki is a LGBT movie that is about two girls who love each but their families are against their romance.

The KFCB CEO Mr. Mutua revealed that the film should not be distributed or shown anywhere in the country and anyone found with a copy would be in breach of the law.

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