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Exodus reveals that he was going to kill himself

I Have Tried Killing Myself More than Once -Exodus

Gospel singer George Lubega Timothy popularly known as Exodus has a story that can change a sinner into a saint.

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While at the launch of Praise City Gathering at Hotel Triangle, in Kampala on Saturday, the singer revealed how, before salvation, he tried to take his own life.

“My father told me; you are not my son, I don’t know you,” Eodus narrated to the congregation.

“I left home, tried to commit suicide four (4) times in my life.”

The “Nyinimu” singer further revealed how “In 2002 when I met Jesus, He totally turned my life around.”

Recounting his journey to music, the singer says he never had any musical aspirations, nor talent at all.

“Sami-k can tell you when even Isaac Rucci [Limit X band member] helped us come up with this group Sauti, I was the least talented,” he said.

On why memebers never kicked him out despite his lack of talent, Exodus says “I used to do somersaulting on the streets, so my gimics kept me in the band.”

“But I was the least talented.”

The singer, who is now one of the most acclaimed personalities in the industry couldn’t hide his joy for the person he’s become.

“ I’m not a Christian for only the church. You can go out of the 4 corners of the church anywhere in East Africa and ask about Exodus, everybody knows him.” He said.

Actually, the singer says “ I never had a dream of singing ever in my life.”

“It started when I found Christ and then devoted myself to God. I told Him that if you can use me, please use me, If you cannot use me, take me away because I have nothing to give to this world,”

Exodus told the then attentively-listening congregation.

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