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kahinda otafiire claims age limit bill is not for museveni
Kahinda Otafiire

There Will Be A Second Bush War Over Age Limit -Kahinda Otafiire Warns

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire says the ruling government will amend article 102 (b) of the constitution by hook or crook even if it means going back to the bush.

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The General who fought in the Luweero bush war after former President Milton Obote rigged 1980 general elections, says he is ready to return to the gun.

“I hear some People saying that if the constitution is tampered with, they will go to the bush, those who wish to go to the bush should go but they will never come out from the bush,” Otafiire told Igara East voters on Saturday.

He was speaking at Kyeizooba sub county playgrounds where the electorate welcomed Michael Mawanda Maranga who recently won an election petition in court of appeal.

“It is a must. We will amend the constitution,” Otafiire emphasised, clarifying that no one can lock out president Museveni out of race just because of being above 75 years of age.

He said 4,700 National Resistance Army [NRA] fighters died in the Luweero bush war to bring Museveni to power and would do the same if anyone tried to keep him out of the system.

Otafiire accuse Democratic Party members of introducing the 75 years cap during the 1995 Constituent Assembly [CA] to clock then Uganda People’s Congress President Apollo Milton Obote from running.

He thus appealed to the electorate not to be misled and support the removal of the age limit clause.

Former Igara East MP Andrew Martial had opposed the age limit bill before being kicked out of parliament curtsey of his rival Mawanda’s petition.

Otafiire says Martial has no bearing on Ugandan politics, asking people to choose Mawanda instead.

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