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AIGP Asan Kasingye To Step Down As The Uganda police SpokesPerson
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Don’t Sell Fuel To People With Jerrycans Police tells the Gas Stations

Police have asked fuel station attendants to refrain from selling fuel in plastic utensils, warning some wrong elements want to wreak havoc Kampala city.

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“We wish to call upon all fuel dealers at every pump station to abstain from selling fuel to their customers in jerrycans and other forms of containers other than fuel tanks of motor vehicles/ cycles,” said police spokesperson Asan Kasingye in a media statement.

The warning comes against the backdrop of fears that opposition members are planning massive countrywide riots to protest against the proposed constitution amendment of the presidential age limit.

The opposition has put government on notice that they will put up a protracted resistance against scrapping the age limit clause, saying it seeks to entrench a life presidency.

But supporters of the proposed bill say it’s discriminatory and is not meant to benefit president Museveni but future elderly leaders who are capable of steering government business.

Chimp Corps say all security organs including military police, police, Special Forces and other specialized units have been deployed in Kampala and other parts of the country to avert chaos.

“We wish to further state, that we have received credible intelligence that there are a wrong elements in and around Kampala, who wish to cause violence and even commit arson,” warned Kasingye on Thursday morning.

“We call upon them to refrain from these unlawful activities and they are strongly warned to desist from such illegal actions that are intended to cause harm to people’s lives and destruction of property,” he added.

The situation remains tense as security forces enforce a massive crackdown on suspected wrong elements.

Several opposition leaders have been arrested while civil society organisations suspected of channeling funds to opposition groups have been sealed off and searched by police.

Source: chimpreports

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