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South Africa deports more than 420 Zimbabweans

Two weeks back, hundreds of Zimbabweans have run-away from xenophobic violence in Gauteng and Durban, however the reports said,” SA has also silently deported more than 420 foreigners who were illegally staying in the country.”

Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro, the Zimbabwe’s consul general informed the state-controlled Chronicle that 421 Zimbabweans were driven to the Beitbridge border post deporting them from the Lindelani Holding Centre in Johannesburg last thursday.
Mukonoweshuro said,” that Zimbabweans have spent between three to eight months at the centre, though they were not meant to stay there for more than 3 weeks.

The consul general said: “we have begun recognizing and documenting our people at Lindelani Holding Centre and we have occupied the home affairs department preparing to move them.”

Approximately 900 Zimbabweans have been returned back in a different operations because of the xenophobic violence that blazed in Johnannesburg and Durban this very month of April. One Zimbabwean national has been killed during the violance.
Reports say,”many other Zimbabweans will have to leave South A frica in their own way .Over a million Zimabweans fled to South Africa during the political and economic crisis, South Africa had become their home.

Earlier this month, President Robert Mugabe said that he was upset and disgusted by the xenophobic violance.



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