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The Mayweather-Pacquiao face-off : Richest boxing match ever

Las vegas-This weekend the fight of the century will probably turn into an amazing payday for the two boxing champs.

In the period of pay-per-view revenues, ticket sales, TV broadcast rights and additional cash flow, a big sum of millions of dollars will probably transform this fight which is called the most profitable boxing match ever. Both fighters, Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are anticipated to split a sum of $300 million.
Below is a breakdown of the record-breaking sums of money over the historic fight.
Floyd Mayweather – $180 million
Mayweather was named the highest paid athlete of last year by Forbes, but this weekend’s fight might dominate $105 million he earned from last year’s two fights.

Manny Pacquiao – $120 million
Pacquiao was ranked 11th by forbes’s list of highest paid athlete last year , He is expected to get 40% , which could sum up to $120 million.

Pay-per-view revenue will reach $300 million
Assuming 3 million spectators at home pay the money to tune in, possible pay-per-view revenue will reach approximately $300 million. That audience might cause to break the record for the biggest television audience to adjust into a pay-per-view boxing match.

Manny Pacquiao’s advertising space on his shorts for $2.25 million.
Pacquiao’s shorts are top-quality real estate for brands looking to record on the millions of viewers the fight will drag. This prominent fighter has reportedly sold out advertising space on his shorts for $2.25 million.
The most expensive ticket for StubHub will cost $351,000
A second hand ticket on StubHub costs as much as of $351,000, however, fans willing to sit in a shot distance of the fighters will definitely pay the cheapest ticket amounting to $3,837.
To watch in HD on pay-per-view will cost $100
watching the match in HD on pay-per-view will cost $100 specifically the American television viewers and $90 as a standard fee for pay per view for a boxing match. Potential customers in casino, bar and restaurants may be charged $20 as the cheapest option.
However, the Mexican television Azteca and Televisa have accepted to show the boxing match free of charge in Mexico.



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